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Pre-Owned Blaser F3 32" Bonsi Vantage.  Nice Right Handed with SoftTouch Ultralite.

Blaser Vantage cores with the mechanical perfection found in all Blaser shotgun receivers, it also delivers ideal target awareness due to the hybrid nature of the raised rib. This 32” (81cm) or 30” (76cm) adjustment free barrels offer the perfect blend of elevation for comfort and unsurpassed peripheral vision. This unique rib design insures your sight picture will be consistent when shooting aggressively or relaxed depending upon target presentation.

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Item Details

Make: Blaser
Model: F3
Grade: Bonsi
32" 12 ga O/U Vantage with Spectrum Chokes
Stock: F3 RH with SoftTouch
Serial #: FR012043
  Sell Price:  $15,074
List Price:  $10,500


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