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Pre-Owned Krieghoff K-20 Bavaria Royale 32" 20/28/410 three barrel set.  Nice wood.  Excellent condition.  Two Titanium upgrade: 20 ga titanium chokes and titanium trigger.  Engraved and signed by Spindler.

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Item Details

Condition: Excellent
Model:       K-20
Grade:       Super Scroll
Krieghoff K-20 32" 20 gauge with tuitanium chokes
Krieghoff K-20 32" 28 gauge with steel chokes
Krieghoff K-20 32" 410 gauge with steel chokes

Finish:      Nickel
Stock:       Krieghoff K-20 #3 Sporting
New List:  $20,995
Sell Price: $20,995
Serial #:    070901
Two titanium upgrades: trigger and chokes in 20 ga


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