Krieghoff's African Drilling


Krieghoff’s engineers designed the new OPTIMA with the vision for a drilling with a multitude of practical hunting applications. The OPTIMA action is so strong that even an Africa Drilling with big bore calibers is possible. And that is exactly what Krieghoff has introduced.

The OPTIMA “Big Five” Africa Drilling comes in the double rifle drilling configuration and features two big bore rifle barrels placed side by side with a 20 gauge 3” chambered shotgun barrel centered below it. For example, a OPTIMA “Big Five” in .470NE / .470NE / 20ga/3” would be a typical and useful caliber/gauge combination for Africa.

The combinations available are:
.375 Flanged Mag NE / .375 Flanged Mag NE / 20ga/3”
.500/.416 NE / .500/.416 NE / 20ga/3”
.470 NE / .470 NE / 20ga/3"

The twin-hammer OPTIMA “Big Five” Africa Drilling borrowed many proven features from the highly successfulCLASSIC “Big Five” double rifle. Safety is our highest priority and the OPTIMA“Big Five” comes with the ‘ultimate safety’, the practical Krieghoff Combi-Cocking Device which lets one carry the gun fully loaded, but uncocked and therefore perfectly safe.

Additional features are:
- Trim, compact 20 gauge drilling frame with reinforced side walls.
- Fast handling 23.6” (60cm) barrels with soldered sideribs.
- Hinged front trigger- which protects the forefinger from the effects of big caliber recoil.
- Shallow V-shaped rear sight with pearl front sight for quick and accurate target acquisition
- The same sights as on the CLASSIC “Big Five” double rifle.
- Big Five stock- dimensionally the same as the proven CLASSIC “Big Five” stock.
- Extra sets of conventional or double rifle drilling barrels in 20 gauge can be added.

The OPTIMA “Big Five” Africa Drilling will always be a very special, rare hunting rifle built for the most discerning sportsman. It will be built to order only and prices start at USD 22,500. As is typical for Krieghoff, the gun can be ordered with different engravings and various grades of fine wood to fit the customer’s needs.    Phone (609) 921-9358    Fax: (609) 921-3282    Princeton, NJ    -    Sitemap
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