In addition to our standard sights, we also offer several optional sights. Requests for optional sights are most common for the CLASSIC double rifle, although some are available and suitable for the rest of the Krieghoff hunting guns as well.

Express Sights
Folding Sights which feature one standing blade and two folding blades in combination with a folding front moon sight are available for the CLASSIC "Big Five" double rifle. You may specify to have the vertical lines of the blades outlined in gold as an additional option.

Krieghoff See-Through Sight
Our See-Through Sight has become very popular. Its large field of view and bright orange-red markings provide for quick and accurate target acquisition. You use the outline of the sight to take aim at your quarry, but at the same time you can see the quarry through the cut-out steel frame. This less obstructed view makes it easier to detect movement and direction - a critical factor in many hunting situations. The See-Through Sight is equally suited for Krieghoff rifles, drillings, and combination over-and-unders.

Additional, optional sights for the CLASSIC double rifle
We install other optional sights on request, for example, peep sights or express sights with various numbers of blades. Please contact Krieghoff International to discuss your specific needs.

Scope Mounts

The addition of a good scope extends the range and maximizes the utility of a rifle. We specialize in quick detachable European mounts and recommend the modern, reliable Pivot Mount and in particular the elegant Bridge Pivot Mount which works well with European scopes featuring a mounting rail. You may order your scope mounts together with your new gun, or our expert technicians at Krieghoff International can install a scope on your gun later. Quality scopes such as Zeiss, Schmidt & Bender, Swarovski, and Leupold can be ordered through Krieghoff, or you may supply your own scope.


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