Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

Q: I see a new K-80 or K-20 listed on the website, but I do not like the wood.  Can you change the wood for me?  
A: Yes:  We can change the wood to another dimension, or can change it to the same dimension, just something you like better.

Q: I see a new K-80 or K-20 listed on the website, but I want different barrels.  Can you change the barrels for me?
A: Yes:  We can change the barrels to another length or configuration.

Q: I see a pre-owned gun on your website, and would like to change the wood and or barrels.  Can you do this?
A: Sometimes:  This is harder than doing it on new guns.  We stock a lot of wood and barrels for new guns, and have limited for pre-owned.  We will do it when possible.

Q: Do pre-owned guns come with a case?
A: Yes: All pre-owned gun are sold with case.

Q: Do you offer a warranty on your pre-owned guns?
A: Yes: we offer a one year warranty on all pre-owned guns?

Q: Why don’t you post your guns on auction websites like other dealers?
A: We have chosen not to post our guns on general auction websites because we are not a general gun dealer and we do not think the auction websites do our products justice.

Q: Do you take trades?
A: Yes, we do!  We are often asked this question because shooters do not see many of our trades listed on our website.   We sell all of the Krieghoff and Blaser trades we receive and have a sub-dealer sell the other brands.  This helps us to remain focused experts on the brands we sell.