K Classic Imperial

Krieghoff CLASSIC Imperial and Gold Imperial

The “Classic Imperial” is not a new rifle but it is the proven Krieghoff CLASSIC “Big Five” in a specific configuration including many popular and traditional features in one package.

These features are as follows: 
"Imperial" Specifications for Classic "Big Five"

Sideplates with classic
English Scroll "Imperial Engraving" and KRIEGHOFF name in ribbon on both sides of receiver
Extended Top Tang Extended Trigger Guard
Pistol Grip Cap - steel
Gun Serial Number engraved on Extended Trigger Guard
Rigby style traditional Cheekpiece
Deluxe Wood
Leather covered recoil pad
Krieghoff Express Sights Nitride Finish  
Gold Imperial Grade
Includes all features listed above, plus 
KRIEGHOFF in ribbon on both sides in gold.
Serial number on Extended Trigger Guard in gold.
"KRIEGHOFF" and "CLASSIC" at bottom of reciever in gold.
Vertical lines of Express Sights in gold.
Triggers gold-platted.