Krieghoff K-80 Trap

A steadily increasing number of shooters recognize the K-80 as the finest trap gun on the market today. Those shooters understand the K-80's legendary reliability and appreciate the fact that the gun can be fine-tuned to enhance their individual shooting styles.

K-80 Trap guns are available as over-and-unders, as single barrels or as two barrel combination sets for the shooter who shoots the whole program. A broad range of options are available, including choice of barrel length, fixed chokes or choke tubes, and five different stocks designed especially for trap.

All K-80 trap guns feature a ventilated step rib which tapers from 12mm at the breech to 8mm at the muzzle. The rib's matted surface enhances target pick-up and reduces glare to help put your eye where it belongs - on the target.

The Over-and-Under

K-80 over-and-under guns are available with 30” or 32” barrels. Fixed choke barrels have improved modified in the bottom barrel and full in the top barrel. All choke tubed over-and-under barrels are supplied with five choke tubes from improved cylinder to super full.

The Unsingle

The K-80 unsingle trap gun sets the standard for single barrel performance. As the name suggests, the unsingle barrel is fired by the under barrel firing pin. The unsingle sits low in the receiver, which results in reduced muzzle flip and therefore less felt recoil. And that is invaluable during a tough shoot-off at the end of a long day.

The K-80 unsingle barrel features easy point-of-impact adjustment without tools or front hangers. Simply loosen two coin slotted screws and rotate a small thumb wheel to raise or lower the POI to suit your style or changing conditions. The unsingle barrel is available in 32” or 34” with or without choke tubes. Fixed choke barrels are choked full. Choke tubed barrels include three tubes.

The Combos

K-80 trap combos include an unsingle barrel and an over-and-under barrel fit to the same receiver, which allows you to have the same sight picture, stock fit, and trigger feel whether you are shooting singles or doubles. Combos come with your choice of fixed chokes or choke tubes. They are available in the following combinations: 30” over-under with 32” unsingle; 30” over-under with 34” unsingle; 32” over-under with 34” unsingle.


The five K-80 trap stocks include three Monte Carlo designs and two non- Monte Carlo models which have equal drop at comb and heel. See page 23 for a complete description and dimensions.

All K-80 trap guns, single barrel guns, over-and-unders, and combos are supplied with a two barrel fitted aluminum case.


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12 Gauge; 2-3/4“ chambers


All trap barrels come with ventilated tapered step ribs and feature a white pearl front sight and metal center bead. Choice of standard Factory Steel or optional Titanium Choke Tubes (CT) are available in Cylinder (C), Skeet (S), Improved Cylinder (IC), Light Modified (LM), Modified (M), Light Improved Modified (LIM), Improved Modified (IM), Full (F), and Super Full (SF).
O/U 30", IM/F; 30", CT/CT (5 incld; Std:IC,M,IM,F,SF)
  32", IM/F; 32", CT/CT (5 incld; Std:IC,M,IM,F,SF)
Unsgl 32", F; 32", CT (3 incld; Std:M,IM,F),
  34", F; 34", CT (3 incld; Std:M,IM,F)


Case hardened, nickel plated steel receiver with satin grey finish.


Single selective mechanical trigger, adjustable for finger length.
Trigger pull: Approximately 3-1/4 to 3-3/4 lbs.
Optional Release Trigger available


Top tang push button safety. Can be locked in “off“ position


Fine-checkered select Turkish walnut with satin epoxy finish.
Standard stocks are:
#1 Monte Carlo A and B,
#4 Straight A and B,
#6 Adjustable Comb Monte Carlo.
Standard length of pull of all trap stocks is 14-3/8“.


Standard forearm is: #3 Trap.


Standard is classic K-80 scroll engraving. Optional engravings available.


All K-80 trap guns, regardless of configuration, weigh approximately 8 3/4 lbs.


All K-80 trap guns come in a fitted aluminum case capable of holding two sets of barrels.

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