Krieghoff ESSENCIA Small Frame Gun - 28 Gauge and .410


Since its 2003 debut, the Essencia has evolved into one of the most sought after additions to fine gun collections. The success of the initial 20-gauge sidelock model has been followed in succession by the boxlock model and 12, 16, and 28 gauge options offered in both versions.

At the 2007 Safari Club International Convention, Krieghoff International unveiled the Essencia genuine 28 Gauge small frame sidelock side-by-side game gun. This rare example of fine gunmaking offers a 28 gauge scaled small frame gun weighing just under six pounds. Offered in either 28 gauge with 28” or 30” barrels or .410 with 28” barrels, the new small frame Essencia’s perfect feel and balance gives you a smooth, controlled swing.

Hand built down to the last detail, the 28 gauge small frame Essencia offers the same standard features as the 20 gauge frame model.  Many of the same options offered on the 20 gauge frame model are also available.  With the exception of the single trigger and 30” barrel not offered in .410, the Essencia small frame can be built to your exact specifications.

Custom engraving, such as this fine “Acanthus Scroll” engraving shown enhances the beauty of the Essencia.  Optional nickel or gray nitride finishes are also available to complement your engraving selection.

Whether ordered with 28 gauge or .410 barrel or as a 2-barrel set, the new small frame Essencia is an excellent addition to any gun collection

Krieghoff Essencia Guns

Krieghoff Essencia Boxlock
Krieghoff Essencia Sidelock 


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Specifications for the Essencia Small Frame Side-by-Side Sidelock

* 28 Gauge or .410 on Scaled 28 Gauge Small Frame
28” or 30" barrels in 28 gauge; 28” barrel only for .410
2 3/4" chambers in 28 Gauge and 3" chambers in .410
* Choked 1/4 and 1/2 (IC/Mod)
* Non-ventilated, slightly raised rib, non-matted
* Automatic selective ejectors (H&H style)
* Front metal ‘pearl’ bead sight
* Double triggers, the front articulated; gold-washed triggers and lockwork
* Fine English scroll engraving; color case-hardening
* Gold-plated cocking indicators
* “KRIEGHOFF” engraved in gold on both sides of the action body
* Automatic sliding tang safety
* Trigger guard edges are rolled; guard tang with decorative tip
* Straight-grip stock in select Turkish walnut, with checkered butt
* Tru-oil finish
* Semi-beavertail forearm, Purdey-style pushbutton release
* Approximate weight: Slightly less than 6 lbs.
* Krieghoff leather trunk case

Extra-cost Options for the Small Frame Essencia Sidelock

* Single non-selective trigger
* Non-automatic safety
* Wood upgrades ‘ Special Select to Very Best
* Custom engraving (buyer's choice)
* Finish options (French Gray or Blued)
* Initials in gold on trigger guard
* Initials in gold oval inlaid in bottom of buttstock
* Briley thin-wall interchangeable choke tubes
* Deluxe Oak/Leather case with accessories
* Extra 28-gauge barrels with forend; 28” or 30” (fit to 28 gauge small frame)
* Extra .410 barrel with forend; 28” only (fit to 28 gauge small frame)    Phone (609) 921-9358    Fax: (609) 921-3282    Princeton, NJ    -    Sitemap
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