The Optima-TS Configuration

The 'Optima-TS' configuration - The maximum in versatility for a drilling.

Besides the pure double rifle drilling configuration, the Optima 12 gauge or 20 gauge conventional drilling with double shotgun and rifle barrel comes in a thermo-stable (TS) configuration and provides many possibilities beyond the normal drilling's use. By adding a KS insert barrel in a smaller caliber, the Optima becomes a Bock Drilling. Add the new, fully adjustable KS insert barrel which is also available in larger calibers up to 9.3x74R and the gun becomes a double rifle drilling. Even an All-Rifle Drilling in two larger and one small caliber is possible by inserting a KS in the left and another KS insert barrel in the right shotgun barrel.

No matter which combination, the Optima thermo-stable drilling barrel with full-length, fully adjustable rifle insert barrels can be easily adjusted for grouping when necessary.

Double rifle drilling barrel Drilling barrel Drilling barrel with KS
       insert barrel


The KS insert barrel, available in calibers from .22 Win.Mag. up to 9.3x74R is fitted to the left shotgun barrel. This allows shooting both rifle barrels in rapid succession, making full use of the double triggers, without the need to recock the gun.

Inserting and removing the factory fitted and sighted-in KS is quick and easy. The special KS extractor supplied does not only locate the insert, but lifts the cartridge reliably and eases reloading.

Both the 12 and 20 gauge shotgun barrels of the Optima are suitable for steel shot.    Phone (609) 921-9358    Fax: (609) 921-3282    Princeton, NJ    -    Sitemap
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