Krieghoff CLASSIC Caliber .500/.416 NE (3 1/4")

Krieghoff's goal is the perfect combination of gun and cartridge. So in conjunction with German specialists in big bore ammunition, we have developed a new flanged cartridge - The .500/.416 NITRO EXPRESS (3 1/4").

The designation says it all. It is a 3 1/4" .500 caliber case and a .416 bullet - components which are popular throughout the world and readily available everywhere.

The ballistics are perfect for use on dangerous game - similar to the famed .416 Rigby but at slightly lower pressure and with the supreme advantage of a flanged cartridge providing reliable extraction in a double rifle.


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Click for Ballistic Information for the .500/.416 NE (3 1/4")

(Test barrel 25,5" / 65cm)

39,885 psi (2,750 bar), Copper crusher method
44,962 psi (3,100 bar), Piezzo method
Woodleigh softpoint and solid 410 grs (26.6g)
2,330 ft/sec (710m/s)
Energy at muzzle:
4,940 Ft lb (6,700 J)

These characteristics indicate an ideal combination of high energy and flat trajectory. The .500/.416 NE provides maximum effectiveness with moderate pressure. As shown above, velocity and energy are similar to the belted .416 calibers like .416 Rigby, but the .500/.416 NE offers the supreme advantage of a rimmed case suitable for double rifles.    Phone (609) 921-9358    Fax: (609) 921-3282    Princeton, NJ    -    Sitemap
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